About Us

About Us

Dr. Neil U Mitra is a native of Mumbai and has Dental Degree from Y.M.T. Dental College, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra. After graduating he has practiced independently at Vaishnavi Dental Clinic, Cuffe Parade, Mumbai, under Dr. Pranay Pardeshi (Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon and practicing Head and Neck Onco Surgeon). After which, he has been practicing at Mitra’s Dental Speciality  at Kala Nagar, Bandra. He has attended many courses and seminars on Dentistry which has kept him abreast of the current trends in dentistry.

He visits Panvel, in outskirts of Navi Mumbai, since 2012, for a Trust named Yusuf Meherally Centre on many Sunday’s with team of doctors of different streams towards community service helping those in need with Oral Care and Dental Treatment since they have no access to receive treatments.

He is easy to talk to so tries to learn about patients on a more personal level before beginning treatment to make patients feel more comfortable. This puts patients at ease and makes them feel like he truly cares about their overall health, and not just about their Oral Cavity. He communicates with the patient during every step of a procedure, making sure they are comfortable and not in pain.

Dr. Neil is detail oriented since the Oral Cavity is an extremely small space to work in. The smallest misalignment of something in the mouth can wreak havoc on a patient’s bite and tooth health. He is excited about his profession so enjoys his work  on a daily basis and is fascinated by the mouth and all of the connections it has to the rest of the body. He is a good communicator hence has ability to distil complex procedures and processes into simple language so that patient can understand exactly what is going on in his / her mouth and any procedure suggested by him.

He takes great pleasure in caring for his patients and making them feel at ease throughout their treatment. His caring and friendly approach helps patients to feel involved in the decision-making aspects of their care and helps them to relax and feel confident whether its Dental Surgery, Dental Braces, Anaesthesia or X-ray, whilst undergoing Dental Treatments. This has been evident in the outstanding feedback he has received from his patients. Patients are delighted that Dr. Neil provides excellent dental care to one and all.