Patient Education

Patient Education
Patient Education about Dental Health
  • Did you know:
    • – If you do not treat your teeth, there will be inevitable health consequences?
    • – Your bone is getting atrophy without implants after an extraction?
    • – You could make contact easier if you would have more aesthetic smile?
    • – You Would be more self-confident with a fix replacement instead of temporary solution?
    • – An aesthetic smile is decisive nowadays at a job interview?
  • Do you cover your smile often?
  • Are you satisfied with the color of your teeth?
  • Are you interested in short-time solution or long-term, modern and safe solution?
  • Did your denture get unstable already ?
  • Did you recognize that on the family pictures you never smile?

If you do not have any of above problems, you should still visit our clinic for a checkup. 

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