A stitch in time saves 9!Importance of 6 Monthly Follow-up

We all have heard our dentist stressing on a regular 6 monthly follow-up even if there are no signs or symptoms & the Majority of the people do not follow it.

After you get done with your dental treatment, it is expected that the Dentist has taken care of all the problems related to the teeth and now you are CAVITY-FREE & your Gingiva (Gums) are in healthy condition!!!

But, after a few months, plaque & calculus deposit around your teeth, which cannot come out with At-home remedies. Not even with a toothbrush. For maintaining healthy Gingiva, everyone needs professional cleaning every 6 months, in some cases even every 3 months.

During these follow-up appointments, the Dentist gives you a detailed report of how you have been maintaining your Oral Hygiene and can recommend any changes if required.

In case a line of treatment is not working, the dentist can recommend a different approach for you to maintain your oral health, the success of which will be seen in follow-up appointments.

These follow-up appointments can help you stop decay that is present in some teeth at the early stages and save you from going through a Root Canal procedure.

Thus, a 6 monthly follow-up is very essential when it comes to maintaining your Oral Health