Our Patients Testimonials

I have known Dr.Neil for a long time now. His attention to detail and the way tends to your ailments is very professional. Be it something small or some more complex, Dr. Neil will get it treated with equal ease. His personal attention to each patient is something you don’t see in every clinic. His clinic is situated very conveniently in Bandra, East and it’s easily accessible via train or via the highway as well.

— Mr. Rushabh Shah

Great experience! Dr. Neil is not only good at this work but is very humble and interactive. The scariest part at a Dentist’s clinic is the pain which is clearly subdued by the way the doctor treats its patient. I wish the clinic lots of luck and success!

Mr. Saad Islam

Thank u, doctor, for the care and concern, for being so friendly and giving such affordable rates! Superb doctor

Mr.Hasan Khan

Dr. Neil Mitra is very well trained, excellent in his work, and makes you very very comfortable, Affordable rates and he is a superb dentist!

—Ms. Urvashi Khandelwal

Good service….good skills …..keep it up.

Mr. Aman Khan

Confirtness at peak of the treatment, Easy to talk, Humble, Great in work both the doctors. Reasonable treatment charges. If your office or home is located in BKC or Bandra east, then this is one-stop dental treatment… Highly recommended.

Ms. Kalyani Sonu

Met Dr. Neil and Dr. Pranay Pardeshi Both of them are well experienced and well-trained doctors. The treatment was good and affordable. The clinic is in an open space beside Guru Nanak hospital, Bandra East. Dr. Neil guided me and give me the proper medical treatment and his treatment was very good ….

Ms. Sayali Khande

Dr. Neil is a very knowledgeable, kind, and considerate person. He pays attention to every small detail … without putting through unnecessary strain and made me comfortable during my visit. Super professional service, great advice, and very welcoming. I thoroughly recommend it.

Mr. Jayesh Sawant

Let’s face it, no one likes the dentist and I’m a classic example of someone who leaves it too long and then has an emergency. Having said this my experience at Mitras Dental Speciality over the last month has been brilliant. Neil was really caring and super professional keeping you fully up to speed with the dental plan that they carefully put in place. Aside from top quality, pain-free results in building long-term relationships seem key to his success.

Mr. Desai

Cool Dentist with a young and fresh feel but still holding true to old fashion values. That’s something money cannot buy. Put me at ease from the moment I walked in. Great Service.

Ms. Sonal

Went to the clinic for an emergency wisdom tooth extraction during my travel to Mumbai. I would say that Dr. Neil is the best dentist I have ever seen so far. The appointment took around 40 mins including consultation, x-rays, and the extraction itself. There was minimal bleeding, pain, and no noticeable facial swelling on the day of the procedure. I could literally eat everything that I wanted the next day. Overall, highly recommended.

Ms. Shah

Mitra’s Dental Speciality came highly recommended and certainly earned their praise. The work they did for me was not the greatest challenge they have faced, I’m sure, but it was excellently done. More to the point, although I still need more serious work done, beyond making sure I knew how things were likely to progress, Dr. Neil made no attempt to influence me to get on with it, and as a lifelong procrastinator, I was very grateful for that.

Mr. Bhatt